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Contract Disputes

When parties to a contract believe their agreement has been violated and the arising conflict is moving toward litigation, they turn to the Boston Legal Group to aggressively negotiate and litigate their contractual rights.

Attorneys with the Boston Legal Group are experienced in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating all types of contracts including distribution agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and strategic partnership alliances. 

Our Business Litigation Practice Group is comprised of attorneys skilled and experienced in drafting documents that will stand up in court, and should a contract law dispute arise, such an experienced contract lawyer is better able to successfully litigate your contractual rights. 

By staying in close contact with clients and understanding the intricacies of commercial contracts and court appearances you can be assured that you will be in safe hands with the Boston Legal Group.




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Whoever walks through our door is entitled to the legal rights and benefits they bargained for and the Boston Legal Group passionately devotes its resources and skills to the advocacy of your contractual rights.

Our clientele range from private individuals to real estate organizations and area businesses.  In order to successfully represent clients in all aspects of contract disputes the Boston Legal Group is able to draw from a wide range of expertise; for instance, our attorneys represent clients regarding insurance coverage litigation, real estate litigation, complex land sale disputes, enforcement of promissory notes and mortgages, co-venturers partnership and shareholder disputes, failure to perform, breaches by lending institutions and disputes between contractors, suppliers, vendors or sub-contractors. We also have attorneys to address residential and commercial purchase agreements and leases, contract disputes arising from employment contracts and non-compete agreements, property differences between neighbors or between landlord and tenant, construction disputes between homeowners and their builders, lease agreements, insurance claims, and a host of other business disputes.

Negotiating, drafting, and interpreting contracts or, if necessary, litigating on a clients behalf requires an understanding of contract formation, interpretation, performance and remedies for breach of contract, the Uniform Commercial Code, business tort claims, such as fraud and conversion, and a multitude of statutory claims. These legal concepts and complex laws often arise in a wide diversity of disputes including power generation, construction, environmental clean up, moving and transportation, music, mortgage lending, financing, accounting, auditing, public relations and marketing, real estate management, security, clothing, healthcare, distribution of medical equipment, automobile dealerships, auto servicing and parts.

Dispute Resolution

The Boston Legal Group is dedicated to resolving your problem as quickly and inexpensively as possible. 

It’s no secret that going to court can be costly so it is often more desirable for both parties, in terms of both dollars and time spent, to resolve their disputes without bring the matter into the court system.  The Boston Legal Group will often times seek to resolve a dispute with a demand letter to the breaching party. This letter will usually set out prospects of litigation and encourage the other party to perform on their contract obligation in order to avoid litigation.  This most usually leads to an offer by the other party to resolve the dispute in order to avoid litigation.  At that stage, our Attorney’s work closely with the clients to determine the best course of action. 

Resolving Disputes

From leases to insurance contracts to complex business transactions, contracts permeate our society and are an integral part of life.  When developing the language and terms for a contract, both sides must be able to anticipate the future.  Unfortunately, life is not always as it should be and one or both parties may experience changes that negatively impact their ability or desire to perform under the terms of their agreement.   When you have entered into a contract and the other party does not honor their promises to perform, don't hesitate to retain an experienced attorneys to represent you in your dispute. 

Whether your case presents a simple contract dispute or complex shareholder or partnership agreement litigation, our team of business attorneys will represent your case with the full consideration, attention and respect you deserve.

Going to court is hardball. If you want results, then be well represented.

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