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When a client contacts the Boston Legal Group they receive a free phone consultation from an experienced attorney at one of our two affiliate firms; each affiliate has been selectively chosen based upon its demonstrated record of success, reliability, legal prowess and experience in particular areas of practice.  Your legal question, of course, determines which attorney is best suited to address your particular question. 


If one of our affiliates accepts representation, the Boston Legal Group is paid directly by that referred firm at absolutely no additional cost to the client. Our affiliates are legally bound to charge their usual fees to every client.  Aside from standing as a law firm on its own, the BLG acts as a marketing arm for their affiliates.  The proportion of legal fees due to the BLG goes back into marketing and to supporting the BLG infrastructure.  Under no circumstances are additional costs for any BLG services passed on to the client.  Ultimately, the system allows the affiliate network to market more broadly, collectively take on a wider range of cases more effectively to maximize the effect our experience.  By permitting each firm to focus on their strengths the BLG delivers a superior service:  It’s good for the client, good for the firms and good for the BLG. 

A client that contacts the BLG is guaranteed to speak to an attorney right away, most often on their first call.  That attorney will conduct a preliminary intake and determine which of the BLG attorneys can best handle their case.  The client then receives an additional telephone consultation from an attorney that is familiar with the discipline or legal subject at issue, most often within 24 hours.  This process permits clients to seek focused and effective assistance without delay from an attorney that is well versed with such cases.  Should the primary attorney accept the case, ALL fees and costs are negotiated with the referred attorney, without regard to a BLG referral or any other services the BLG provides.  In appropriate instances a fee agreement will be executed outlining the terms of a representation and again, the Boston Legal Group is paid directly by the affiliate at absolutely no additional cost to the client.

We cannot promise that we will accept your case, however, we can say that, if we do, you’ll get the attention your case deserves from attorneys with the experience you need to aggressively assert your rights, protect your interests and advance your case, and at no additional cost.  


The Boston Legal Group achieves results with versatile, efficient and creative legal teams.  Each affiliate member is a legal professional that shares in the Boston Legal Group's success, and every lawyer helps shape and tailor the organization’s multi-disciplinary approach. As a result, your legal team feels a great sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability to you, the client.

The Boston Legal Group is committed to building lasting relationships with clients and delivering the highest caliber work product while staying within your budget.  The Boston Legal Group model has been implemented to address a broad variety of complex legal issues with great success.

So whether your case presents any employment law question, a simple contract dispute, a complex real estate transaction, an important landlord tenant issue, difficult business litigation representation,  a person injury case or emotional business break-up our team of seasoned attorneys will represent you zealously with the full attention you deserve.

Going to court is hardball. If you want results, then be well represented.

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While phone consultations are confidential, an attorney client relationship is only established by signed fee agreement.  Email is not confidential

Affiliation with the Boston Legal Group does not establish a partnership with the Boston Legal Group or between affiliates. Affiliates and The Boston Legal Group are independent law practices and not partners.


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